Video, tweets, South West Music Awards #13SWMA

This blog covers most of what I come across and maybe the different posts fit together. So cross media still in background but the emphasis will switch towards the South West Music Awards over the next few weeks. I contribute to the Wild Show on Thursday mornings Phonic FM so there may be relevant sound clips.  

Sound is a lot easier to work with than video. I was surprised that the Cross Media event did not have more on sound but I did phone in to the Wild Show. More is likely around IPEX when there is more video in prospect.

Theory of content marketing as PR is still under discussion. In practice at the South West Music Awards it seems to mean that as a radio show we can reuse any recording or content found on social media both for broadcast and as listen again through upload as part of a show archive. This may not turn out to be true if someone objects but it is the assumed situation. Obviously Phonic pays PRS on broadcast. Below is one video from last year. Notice that it went wrong as performance but ends up ok as chat. So my guess is that video is allowed for #13SWMA at most stages.

#13SWMA is the hash tag I am promoting. (#SWMA13 is already support the working moms act ) and there is also a YouTube playlist that it should find. So far only a couple of replies where it is becoming known but there are a few weeks to go. I notice that #CMShow13 was not always used. I took a while to find it. So how to work with a few characters is not so obvious.

The playlist approach on YouTube allows me to mix work from other people. This is a big advantage over a few years back. I still like to get out occasionally but to edit video takes a lot of time. there could be several versions from the occasion. I understand there will be an official stream so the sound will have to be good. Can this be edited with another camera angle? I will assume the answer is yes but of course this is something for discussion over a coffee.