My scope concentrates on #mtw3 / radio for the next few months

This site is now a sort of background for Pulse on LinkedIn. There I try to be reasonable definite about proposals and often relate to some evidence. This blog is a bit more specualtive and includes things I am just thinking about without always getting very far.

The event in August for a sort of face to face version of #mtw3 is taking some shape. It will be based around the Youtube clips from a talk by John Burgoyne so following on from a keynote, but also including a case study around radio. See the previous post on this blog. The Pulse post will be similar but with more detail on the situation around radio. I realise that my own interests have changed. I started with print and text but now spend more time on Phonic FM and sound edits for social media. There ncould be some time for print publishing towards the end but more likely a look at social media as promotion.

There will be theory around Design Science. I notice this is included in management writing and also learning. Previously I have concentrated on formal quality systems and ideas from Edwards Deming. So far I have found that it is not easy to gain acceptance for casual video around these topics. But Design Science is not as closely defined by a professional or academic group. So chat on radio is more likely to happen. My colleagues on Phonic FM can get an idea of what Design Scince is about even if they insist that what they do is art and mostly improvised.

The event is at the Bikeshed Theatre in the second week of August. Most of the day on Wednesday but also as part of radio on Tuesday and Thursday. If you cannot be there then consider creating a sound clip or video. Even txt will fit in somewhere.

More later when the main Pulse post is ready. There could be some detail in this blog on ISO 9000 revisions or the System of Profound Knowledge but try to just think about Design Science and radio, or some sort of review that could cope with where sound is heading. Try "Design Science DJ" as a search on YouTube. Mostly from a while ago but updates soon.


Radio Chat Show / face2face version of #mtw3

For the first two weeks of August the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter will close normal operations. Phonic FM has been offered the space to try out forms of performance as a benefit opportunity. Following the March version of #mtw3 as an online only sequence I have requested a couple of slots for a sort of face to face event.

This is not intended as a normal conference. The main aim is to end up with better video and sound recording. There will probably be studio versions before and after. On Wednesday the 12th August we have access to the bar between 12 and 6 , then the auditorium between 6 and 9. There will be recording at both, all as Creative Commons. Bar conversations could be deleted but the auditorium will be regarded as live radio even though we don't know when or if it will be broadcast.

The timings are very misleading as there are no breaks for food or drink. this is more of an outline based on how the LinkedIn topics and YouTube edits have worked out. Six hours on six topics-

1. John Burgoyne talk as a sort of keynote. Already on YouTube as a complete hour or in several topics. Assume most people have already seen this but there is still much to discuss.

2. Design Science could be a theory to link learning and management. Diana Laurillard has written on teaching as a design science. There has also been discussion in the British Journal of Management. Also I find there is less established curation than with topics such as systems or quality. So casual video and a chat show approach are more easily accepted.

3. At the time of the second Management Theory at Work conference Bronwen Rees was based at Crucible Research, offering a form of alchemy. She is now at Incubatio, there are links to articles on the website, including one about ethical enquiry. I don't think she could be at the event but we could trace papers over recent years, several open online.

4. Radio as case study is a link with Phonic FM and others, some are online only already. There is speculation that over the summer there will be announcemts about forms of online radio, including possibly YouTube and Apple. How can an FM studio adapt? How to fit in with social media?

5. The first Management Theory at Work closed with a look at relevance for universities, suggesting that critique was a more suitable role. In July there will be a meeting about the website - - intended for feedback and possible changes. This could be seen as a quality process if quality ideas were withing a critique scope. Possibly some form of design science would be considered.

6. The video clip on publishing has had by far the most views on YouTube. Any conference concludes with looking at what to do with the papers/ text as well as now tyhe sound and video. Print publishing is not changing as fast as music and radio but similar issues crop up.

This is a potentially a lot to cover in an hour a topic but we don't know who will turn up or if there will be enough for each one. The bar has a lot of space so there could be more than one at a time.

The evening has the same structure except that each topic takes half an hour or at least  enough time for a clear video statement. Could be much shorter. 

This is a draft as of early May. It could change a lot. Also there could be links to other events and recordings that are played on the day. There is WiFi but apperently best to work from downloads.

See the playlist for lighting tests. The bar is ok, and there might be extra lighting in the auditorium if suitable.


Update on trying out video in Exeter

So I am getting further with finding out what the Sony Experia is useful for, but now I need a rest while I catch up with editing. On YouTube there is now enough to show what I have been looking at, but loads of gaps and things still to do. Mostly I still use the Kodak Zi8. But there are some from the phone, notes below

Video embed not working well so I am just putting in links

Bookshop at TED Exeter

The official video will be available soon.

Sarah Eden-Winn at Exeter Food and Drink Fest

Maybe more later , still waiting on response from Angelo Starr

Twisted Ink

Day event at Phoenix. I supported Andy Brock who did short interviews. Lighting in open air works well, maybe four months  still to come

Ryn at Revolution ( name for restaurant still to come)

This from Sony but a couple of days to sort out an edit. Much later Melissa Greener, there are some problems finding the files.

Pyrates at Sorry Head

This loaded from Sony over wifi at home. In theory wifi in urban settings could do this just as well. Still tryying out how to make video short enough though.



Trying out video in Exeter, next few weeks

Recently I have been trying to work out how to move forward with video on YouTube or somewhere similar. There is a limit to what can be done with a Kodak Zi8. There is speculation that YouTube may offer a subscription channel later this year that would avoid advertising, but it may just be for music. This could finance a higher level of production but would need more formal arrangements with the performers.

The sound in the Phonic FM studio is good so I have done several clips that are just sound. Moving to a studio with reasonable lighting might not be too difficult.

Meanwhile I am moving more towards a phone camera so production level not much different but there may be a gain in speed of upload. This is going slowly though as I am not really familiar with smart phones and also wifi speeds are not fast enough for video at any length. Twitter is starting with 30 sec and mine so far are shorter that have actually loaded same day.

I also work on YouTube playlists sometimes including my own but mostly sequencing ones from other sources. This seems to work better than Creative Commons and remix. Not many people understand how this works. A playlist leaves the edit choice to the viewers, especially as the clips get shorter. The events coming up soon may be suitable for a playlist if enough video turns up. Any link suggestions welcome.

Mama Stones Band at Food Festival

Not sure what has happened since the venue closed. But they are advertised for two nights. So there should be some links to info and future events.

TEDx Exeter

Official video takes a while to appear. Informal video may have to wait on meeting local speakers later. Last year issues came up around coding and education. Is the web still dangerous? Can computer application still be studied? Maybe look at local schools later

Twisted Ink

Andy Brock has invited me to video his interviews during this event. Not sure if we can include music performance. The daytime events take up much of the Phoenix where there is reasonable wifi so it should be possible to upload a few clips on the day as well as record for later.

Melissa Greener

Somehow a restaurant launch is enough to justify a visiting performer from Nashville for quite a small audience. Again not sure how much can be recorded but there are several videos already on YouTube. Conversations could be interesting. Why country to launch a Viking theme? Is there a business model that can be repeated?

Pyrates at Sorry Head

There are enough performance videos already. A few more maybe ok. But again conversation is the thing. Somehow the band is surviving. What is the role of video as promotion for future gigs. Do they still believe in piracy now they have a stock of CDs to sell?

A playlist might include clips from other spaces and times. This is where video is heading. Next few weeks in Exeter just to clarify what is possible.


The #gadgetFM box and the missed deadline

Very unfortunately the deadline has been missed for the Future Gadget project that is part of Gadget Show Live. I thought it was the end of this week but have become confused. The project will continue anyway as an idea. The outcome may turn up anyway.

I did get as far as the video required. This version is over the 2 minute limit but not by much.

Originally there was an idea for a raffle, but then it seemed that one box would be enough. This will sit in a radio studio with cable into the desk. It will have wifi or Bluetooth or whatever is needed to connect with any phone or device in the studio. Also it has storage as well as recording and connection to cloud services.  This includes a check on lyrics so that any request will be identified as dodgy if it should not be broadcast.

The main point missing from the video is the app on any screen that allows for a mix. There has to be some control as well as the mixing desk that is the main part of the studio.

There were intended to be two versions, a fairly chunky box that looks right in a studio. And then later a smaller one that is much more mobile. It could just connect with the Cloud so there is no need for an FM broadcast system.

So far this has been talked about around the Wild Show and @wenotno , both on Phonic FM in Exeter. Also Access All Aerials is based at Seale Hayne and there is no FM signal anyway. There is no formal engagement from them in #gadgetFM but they could test things out if there is an actual prototype.

During the #mtw3 ( online version of the conference Management Theory at Work ) I have exchanged tweets with China Manufacturers (@chinasourcin ) I will try to get them interested in this as a box may already exist.

With Chris Norton from the Wild Show and Jon Mahy from @wenotno I will be going to the Gadget Show Live. We will look out for sound topics. Most of the energy seems to be with video but the issues around sound may be sorted out fairly soon.