Radio dead , video stars online #13swma

Of course radio is not dead, any more than newspapers. But last night as I tried to get to sleep again I heard on the BBC World service that some people thought the YouTube Music Awards indicated a shift away from radio and even MTV. Trouble is I fell asleep before the detail. Found this on the website today - 

The inaugural YouTube awards reflect an increasing trend for people to turn to the internet, rather than television and radio, for music and video.
In August last year, the Nielsen rating agency published a survey in which 64% of American adolescents said they listened to music on YouTube, compared with 56% who listened to radio

So there is some kind of trend waiting for a news event. Meanwhile in Exeter we are getting ready for the South West Music Awards. Joss Stone may not win the video, the judges can be contrary and ignore YouTube views. The playlist I have started has some with less than a thousand views but this seems to me to be where YouTube started. I have yet to see the awards clips but if YouTube ends up more or less like MTV for events then I think something is lost. 

Repeating from a previous post, I have a problem with posting as Creative Commons at the moment. I did a  video from Dukes in Sidmouth of the Mama Stones House Band covering I Wanna Be Your Lover written by Prince. Everything was ok for most of a year then I got a very definite warning about copyright, video deleted, I can no longer choose Creative Commons, maybe just in case I include copyright material. I often get carried away during Sidmouth folk week by the way, a lot of content is shared or else nobody remembers who wrote it. So far the George Benson and Luther Vandross covers are still there. I think a lot of 80s is more or less folk music at this time.

What is content marketing? I come across this in publishing but I think music has worked it out to a greater extent. At the South West Music Awards I will be trying to raise this question for some casual video to be broadcast on the Wild Show, Phonic FM, and maybe online. There could be a theory of reverse content marketing which Prince has in mind. Find the fans and then destroy derivative content.  What this achieves I'm not sure. Has anyone else objected to a cover version?

Assuming that casual video is allowed the next issue for #13swma will be the sound quality. There is supposed to be a live stream so this could be recorded and mixed with any pictures. But will it be archived somewhere to make things easier? The new venue could have a lot of recording resource built in. not sure how this will work. 

Just in case people have other things to talk about on the evening I will be trying to raise some of these issues during the Wild Show on Thursday mornings, two shows to go before #13swma. 

Meanwhile Twitter is working ok as a way to find suggestions for a playlist. Short code is  

Latest suggestion is from Wolfhound so I think #13swma has reached Bristol ok.  Takes the playlist to 1hour 27 mins so almost enough for a two hour show. Could be live radio with some comment.