Open Web, Today, radio and the Wild Show

I woke up this morning soon after six and found that the Web was the topic for Today. Tim Berners-Lee as guest editor asked for a report on how "Open" was working out in the UK. I found that this clip turns up on Audioboo through a Twitter search. The BBC site has not been updated, at least last time I looked. 

Rory Cellan-Jones



I may have jumped back into this blogging task too quickly but was quite alarmed by the retired general suggesting that ideas from the 60s should be assumed to be unsound and then someone from the Publishers Association implying that the Web has only recently left the Wild West stage. I don't remember anything about Creative Commons as a legal approach, but then I did go back to sleep.

Listening to the clip on Audioboo I realise that a lot of this had been recorded earlier. The retired general and the rep for the publishers were not actually in the cellar bar somewhere near Whitehall. So maybe I should relax again and start the blog next week. But I will be making some notes.

It makes me realise that radio is getting more like the Web and less reliant on FM. I still don't know if there will be a live Wild Show next Thursday. The Phoenix may be shut. I don't know haow to load clips into the robot system. But we could start with the Facebook page and encourage our listeners to check there from about ten. Not sure I can rebroadcast clips from Today but I can post a link to Audioboo and then comment again five minutes later.

Obviuosly the show is about sound but I can slip in some comments about copyright and hard copy.