Hello Aled Jones, ISCA Wheelchair Dancers : what to do with video in Exeter Cathedral? @realaled

This blog post is to explain a tweet, starting with the title. How else to get a question to Aled Jones? Worth a try anyway.

The Wild Show is on Phonic FM, local to Exeter. Last week Chris Norton played the Aled Jones song "You Lift Me Up" and I remembered this was the backing for the Isca Wheelchair Dancers when they performed at Exeter Cathedral. I support the Wild Show and also do some video. There are several clips of the Isca Wheelchair Dancers on YouTube. I have not yet edited them together. I keep hoping that as there is #3 and #4 as Creative Commons on YouTube someone will work out how to remix. We can't show the sound and the remix button as obviously Aled Jones is copyright.. 

Hand held view


Tripod back view from gallery


The BBC had a camera at the front but I don't think much was used except for a brief news report.


So the question is, what sort of video will be possible when Aled Jones visits Exeter in May? Could the Isca Wheelchair Dancers be part of the occasion? (I have no idea about their schedule, just asking the question) . Could we edit something together anyway?

Also found


According to a comment from 2008, 20th March on the Alan Titchmarsh show, with Dom Kelly on piano.

So could we get legit option to borrow some of this? Just as a backup plan.

Best option to allow anyone to bring a camera and work out an edit or several later.

Hope this finds Aled Jones somehow. Please forward if you know a likely method.