Content Marketing, PR for Creative Commons #1

I am thinking about how to explain PR so there was more of it that would help bloggers, radio shows and anyone who welcomed content over the web. Recently the Wild Show has got somewhere in talking about art as exhibited at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Volkhardt Muller visited again and we discussed This City's Centre, a project that continues through September. I have done my own photos connected to the ideas so we can use those on Facebook etc. I think once the installation is in the museum it will stay pretty fixed but we can continue something as radio, social media.

Previously this sort of access has only been possible with outside events. Animation on the cathedral was explicit as Creative Commons and there was even a good copy of the soundtrack posted by a PR organisation so a mix on YouTube could continue with all the phone video etc. I had thought there could be a PR theory around this. But it turns out that PR people seem reluctant to talk about what they do. So I now try to follow content marketing. I did submit a proposal last year for Online Information but PR was not a featured topic as it turned out. This year they have reminded me to apply so I will try content marketing and print publishing. There are sample chapters and soforth that turn up. I will explore this with Design Science as a recent meeting made some connections. More on this later.

Music is getting easier to work with all the time. It may be that I am slightly misled working on a radio show with PRS clearance. We can be legit playing anything I think. Within OFCOM guidelines for taste etc. But also I recently used a Jackson 5 track ( Looking Through The Window fits with This City's Centre ) and it cleared through YouTube without the ads being claimed. I would not have minded if the Jackson 5 got some of the income. But I notice some remix on early Motown that survives also. I may do some more to test this out. Surprisingly Motown is not as well known as some would think.