More on web extension of any city

Today I had an email from Leuphana Digital School with a link to a YouTube video by Timon Bayes

He claims there is a "right to the city" but this comes from Lefebre in 1968 according to the Wikipedia. I think there should be an update to include web access and a recognition that the web can be anywhere. True, bandwidth is better in the city. The UK is getting more unequal, not less.

I think that is Berlin in the background but this may not mean the video was made in Berlin. The tower has a cafe that I think is also in Twinity and we use as a double location for the upper floor of the Work Foundation. So #mtw3 continues in Twinity with more city context.

I am no longer taking part in full on the Leuphana Mooc. I was trying but members of my group failed to score me so the robot decided I was not active. Generally I think the design is not as good as the OLDS MOOC, not for me anyway. More on the OLDS MOOC when I transfer more from Posterous.

Exeter is not much of a city, not for scale anyway. But it may have most of the minimum resource for communication. There are several bus routes to the country.