Extending chat radio / quick images

Having looked at the previous post again I realise I am connecting around the radio show for other events. Not sure how the guests actually think about this so maybe by making it explicit they will indicate how things develop. Volkhardt Muller did return to talk about #thiscityscentre and I did let him know about my proposal to claim £30,000 and budget £5,000 for him as a subcontract. At the time I thought the most expensive item would be scanning the buildings. Meanwhile Fabian King has also returned to the Wild Show and informs us that it is still expensive to scan buildings but some equipment can be rented.

I still think that 2D collage of photos can be cheap and quick. We can link from the Wild Show Facebook page. Later video / TV may be possible but this would be on another level of budget.

My enquiries suggest that it may be possible to repeat a tour for Stonehenge. The Olympics legacy should include some continuation of the bouncy installation. For one thing there was no restriction on photography. There are thousands of stills and video clips, many of them with  a Creative Commons copyright licence. I did enquire if the original is for sale or if there could be a limited edition. Apparently there is still only one and it may cost about £10,000 a day to set up. I know the Mayor of Exeter has not said no to the idea of Exeter as a long term home for Stonehenge. But the Lea Valley also has a case. I will be trying to find occasions over the summer when a budget might be available. Perhaps the continent should be included. The stone circles for summer meetings have been found throughout Europe.

One idea for a playful city is to clone buildings and move them around, possibly not to scale. Stonehenge is an interesting example as it suggests a temp city for the summer in a space that returns to being country. Somewhere like Sidmouth is a bit in between. Exeter is quite a small city, essentially a county town. 

But £10,00 for a day is quite a lot. It may be cheaper to do the scan again and print a 3D model. The scale could be fixed for video. I will mention something on the Wild Show and also update this blog with any news.