Any City , more images

Now that the Posterous blog is on this site you can find some previous attempts at collage of images. I am trying to find ways of relating to the dislocation I sometimes find online. On the Wild Show we have twice talked to Volkhardt Muller. I think the show at the RAMM last year was more like "any city" than "any high street" . I did take some photos in Taunton when the show went there. The website for This City's Centre has got a space for window views from other cities. I have sent in some from Twinity and some are now on the site. See screenshot below.

The other one is a start on "playful Bristol". I did try to apply for the £30,000 but only claimed to be doing some 2D collage. Most of the budget was for scanning buildings. It may turn out that rough results are possible on very low budgets. The aim is to explore why a particular space has a definition when online mix is also there. This one has my own arch from Taunton and then Bristol Castle Park by Heather on her Travels, Creative Commons on Flickr. Maybe more later.