Adobe MAX retweets explained #AdobeMAX

Previously with Posterous there was a sort of auto Tweet going on. Now i have to think about Twitter as well as this Squarespace blog. Last night Adobe MAX started just as I thought about food here in the UK evening. So I stayed for some of it, well reported by the fstoppers as far as I can tell. The keynote was fairly quick to get to new product features. Photoshop to alter perspective on tall buildings, fit them any way you want to the urban landscape. Then 3D objects from After Effects into Premiere video. It looked possible to create a 3D model from a video still. See previous post for where I have tried to understand this. So this all looks positive for ways to mingle architecture. Video edit on the desktop quite possible. Not sure how the cloud helps witht eh render but there could be more from MAX over the next few days.

Shantanu Narayan did not take much time for the intro. He looked back at Seybold, InDesign and maybe fifteen years ago. I liked the Seybold events. You had to wait a while for the content to appear online but because there was a choice of supplier they had to get into more background on what they were trying to do.

I could have stayed up hungry to wait for something on PDF but from what I can gather through blogsearch there may not have been anything. I am running maybe ten years late but PDF still has potential imho.