Monumental work of public cloud art (party)

Email alerts me that there will soon be a competition for a work of art in cloud party, an online world that works through the browser, so it is claimed. More below on Twinity, still my base and that of most avatars I know.

Meanwhile I am still thinking about the city. I sometimes check the Leuphana mooc but apart from not being allowed to continue through a lack of colleague feedback I get the impression they are mostly into more buildings as the way to improve a city. Talking about investment in virtual resources is not getting much feedback. Also here in Exeter there is not much scale possible. We explore the minimum real space to have a web connection.

So even if there is unlimited space in the cloud party I will concentrate on a fairly small radio studio, something that would fit in the basement of the Phoenix Arts Centre. This could be a way to continue waiting for News From The Sun , the current exhibit in real space. Also we could get ready for the next Phonicon assuming there will be one. It was unusual for the Phoenix to arrange the timing so that the art related to the event. The entire building was part of the Phonicon, including the digital kit at the back often restricted to the working week. I contributed a few hours of stewarding in a not very reliable manner as I also wandered off every so often. Mostly I was at the top of the stairs for the basement where there is a print workshop, a recording studio and a radio station. I think there could have been more preparation for the Phonicon. But do you need the public actually in the radio studio? Sometimes I can't cope with the phone. There could be a "studio 2" they could visit. As far ahead as I can tell this would be just imagined in the cloud. The next actual Phonicon is some way off.

Meanewhile Twinity has moved from Berlin to San Francisco. And then not much happens in terms of bringing back the maps data and the streets. Still excellent that it continues of course. The actual cloud party is in San Jose, arguably not far away. I hope they meet up somehow.