Wild Show on Phonic FM, probably Design Science again

I think Chris Norton will be away this week and next so I will try to persuade JD to talk again about design science and the design science DJ. I do realise this is essentially a music show but we can take time for some talk as well. 

There may be a guest from TED Exeter. The videos are now online from the second Exeter event. 

Music or sound is an advanced indication of where the internet is taking content. Radio is even better as the copyright is paid for anything pre-recorded. It gets more complicated with "listen again" or in the case of Phonic FM Soundcloud, YouTube, Mixcloud etc. 

We will be able to follow #thiscityscentre through the next few months but I don't suppose we can do interviews inside the RAMM gallery. Still, how images are promoted is getting to be an open question. 

Later in the year I hope to go back to the questions raised with Simon Egan a couple of years ago. As a sound artist he is prepared to talk but the recording on the YouTube clips has been commented on as not really broadcast quality for radio. So I may have to start again in the studio if I can find a time that would suit him.