Vint Cerf on Libraries at Guardian Activate

“I am really worried right now, about the possibility of saving ‘bits’ but losing their meaning and ending up with bit-rot,” he continues. “This means, you have  a bag of bits that you saved for a thousand years, but you don’t know what they mean, because the software that was needed to interpret them is no longer available, or it’s no longer executable, or you just don’t have a platform that will run it. This is a serious, serious problem and we have to solve that.”

quoted in The Next Web .

This is very interesting but I think libraries are still developing as architecture. Here in Exeter we have a new building for the medical school where the library used to be. It is called Learning and Development but still looks like a library. The central public library is closed for a rebuild. I don't know how they will relate to the stores of data around Exeter in various formats. 

I think there could be recordings of personal memories as sound and/or vision. But where to store them?