Hello Jeff Jarvis Hello Google , content marketing continued

More emerges from the Guardian Activate event last week. It fits with my ideas about content marketing. My proposal for Online Information has been rejected but I am on the list of people they invite. The punters have to guess how much content will be given away and then the value of what is hidden. And of course what is of interest. 

The free content turns out to be a demo of Google Glass and a plug for Google + . Not exactly content marketing as there is a YouTube ad before you get to it. Hair shampoo seems a good choice of product as eventually everyone will realise they are on camera everywhere they walk. 

Except for Prince of course. My interest is not in the latest expensive gizmo but in what the Google policy is around copyright and content. See previous posts.  I have filled in the Google / YouTube contact form but I realise they must get a lot of special pleading. I have to rely on the robots.

My main current problem. I am not in good status re YouTube copyright. This is because I loaded a video of the Mama Stones House Band covering a Prince song at Sidmouth last summer. I had no idea that a music publisher could block a cover version. Also something has changed recently. It was available for months before the recent decision to block it. So I would welcome any comment from people who might follow the Guardian Activate sort of thing. 

By the way, although I am a Prince fan I don't think he is as well known to a current ticket buying audience as he once was. Most acts need publicity of some kind. 

Today I paid one pound fourty pence for the Guardian in print. No Jeff Jarvis. Guess this is a budget issue. Previous Buzzmachine explains that the future of print may just be the weekend. So the literary review style will continue at length with remarks about cyber hustlers etc. Who will they get to supply a blog about MOOCs when they turn up as news again?

Jeff, can we have a bit less about wonderful new products and a bit more about the messy present, with all the complexity?