Jeff Jarvis , journalism as process, activate Guardian

Jeff Jarvis has posted that "there are no journalists" ( see Buzzmachine ) meaning I think that journalism is the output of a process, not individuals however special they may be. 

This makes it a lot easier for bloggers to fit in somewhere. I noticed that OhmyNews never talk about "citizen journalists" . There are "citizen reporters" but the journalism happens with editors and over time through comment and revision. 

So maybe some of this will appear online next week around Activate. There will be talks around being "open". Maybe this will include something about Guardian Unlimited Talk - what it was, how it was destroyed, when Alan Rusbridger knew about the destruction, soforth. As detail emerges it seems that the Guardian prefers social networks segmented into small business, media, teachers etc for ease of selling job adverts. So the idea of one forum with unlimited scope is not part of a newspaper. But this explanation on the end of GUT has always been denied.