The Site Chat Show , CQI to Work Foundation

In Exeter it is getting more clear what a site chat show might be. I have started some topics at the Beer in the Castle event a few summers ago. They are developing through the Wild Show on Phonic FM. Some extracts appear online. there is some cosistency around location but time is vague and extended.

So I will try out the format a bit more on London as a site. I was at the CQI last week and went via the Work Foundation. Most quality ideas are covered at the CQI with more energy than anywhere else. The Work Foundation is an extension of Lancaster University where I already have some video clips of a walk that continues ideas from Management theory at Work conferences. ( The Wild show has some limits on theory as a proportion of music, it is essentially a music show, so the scope of the London chat is a bit different) 

There is not much editing on these. I can't find how to show as Creative Commons at the moment. But feel free to borrow this video and/ or reshoot the route. The idea is to edit in discussions. More later on suggested topics. It probably emerges from previous posts in this blog and others.