Help Please, clarity on music and content marketing @JuliaRamadan #JuliaRamadan

Previous post is the first music promo to reach me through Repost. I think this sort of thing is ok. I followed the Youtube link. I probably will listen more to George Benson but I'm glad I heard it. 

Maybe Youtube is now much like radio a while ago. Mark Coles ( documentary BBC world service) tells us that in the USA many young people do not have a radio. So full tracks on Youtube can be promoted. 

So I am still puzzled about Prince. As mentioned in previous post my video of I Wanna Be Your Lover covered by the Mama Stones House Band at Sidmouth last year. I suddenly got a really dramatic notice after it had been there for about ten months. Obviously Prince and Controversy Publishing have every right to object to performance of their content. But what to assume? If there is a cover version in most cases I assume it can be on YouTube if the performer is ok with this. 

Is Prince starting a trend or is this an intensified version of a policy suited to a previous time? I did email Julia Ramadan and also tried to follow her on Twitter. No reply so far.

Reportedly Nile Rogers has undertaken to tell Prince about Glastonbury and suggest he turns up one year. Maybe this should be soon. Eventually most of the audience will know about music through social media.