Natural Luddites, Guardian, MOOC

On Saturday there was a two page spread in the Guardian Review on how F .R. Leavis made a case against C. P. Snow.

I am looking for a bit of balance here. Since the Thursday computer geek section was done away with the Guardian seems to concentrate resource on the Saturday. The literary aspect may be a coincidence of how topics were first allocated. I still think weekdays in print may not continue. Still on topic just about because this means that the scope of Saturday could be expanded. 

Within the two pages there is very little on what C. P. Snow had to say.  A few words turn up in quote marks-

The particular piece of Snow's hackneyed wisdom on which Leavis fastens at this point is the assertion that members of the scientific culture "have the future in their bones", together with its companion claim that members of the "traditional culture" are "natural Luddites".

Maybe he has a point though. This could relate to discussion on MOOCs and other aspects of the web. Time will tell, starting with the next few months. Meanwhile I will try to find out a bit more what was happening with the Ministry of Technology and the start of the Open University. As memory serves there was doubt about the methods being used. Then came VHS tape and late night television. What was said about VHS?  Not sure of the dates.

I don't thin k the Guardian will bring back computers on a Thursday.
But maybe on a Tuesday soon there could be a guide to the techniques in use around a MOOC, including the social media that attempt some sort of conversation.