DOCC emphasis on distributed, collaborative

Through Twitter and #nlc2014 I have found a DOCC on “Dialogues on Feminism and Technology” . A DOCC is like a MOOC in some ways but the D is for distributed and the extra C is for collaborative. I think I am allowed to copy the graphic with attribution.  Created by Tony Gamino for Anne Balsamo, 2013. the url is

I have also edited out one section on brands. This may help my study of content marketing. As mentioned previously I am trying to identify an explicit theory on this to understand what is happening and also make it easier to report on content when possible. I am also interested in public relations for creative commons events. so far my offers to talk about this not much accepted as I can't claim to know much. But a workshop would identify something. that would help citizen journalists from getting into dodgy copyright situations.

Anyway, back on topic this is clearly something different to a MOOC though they can vary. I have found a channel on Vimeo so will look out for more through December. I can see why the Networked Learning conference is interested in this. The DOCC is also a positive project, there is practice as well as critique. See previous post for where I find Peter Scott and others in the Guardian seeming to be just negative about anything using current tech.   

One quibble. There is no obvious university brand here, just a new set of initials and jargon potential. Could be just as instrumental for publishing etc. Hope the language stays possible to follow.