Notes for Wild Show and radio around the MOOC and BETT

Here are some dates and what I know about BETT at this time. The MOOC is in background. This blog can get fairly detailed, even obscure, but the aim of the Wild Show (Thursday mornings 10 -12 Phonic FM) is to be entertaining and quick with talk between music tracks. Things sometimes work out differently to the intention.

15th Jan Start of Toshiba Radio the new name for BETT Radio. Previously the Wild Show has lifted clips from this. Other stands are available. App for listening, but can you do a show from a tablet? 

16th Jan The storyteller ( 9 -10 on Phonic FM) will stay maybe till 10.30 to discuss Bruno Latour. There is a new MOOC on Scientific Humanities from FUN, a MOOC project in France. 

The storyteller can explain philosophy in a reasonably short period of time .

Also on the 16th Jan there will be an outside broadcast from Cafe 55, using an iPhone. Alternative equipment may be available at BETT.

23rd Jan I will be at BETT so the first part of the Wild Show may be prerecorded. I will leave a half hour mp3 / CD but there may be something else.  Clips could include-

Michael Gove not there last year. Not sure what the policy is. Update nearer the time. BETT scope includes universities and life long learning so maybe Cable will turn up again. Not very well publicised last time.

FUN seems to be a government supported project including all French universities. UK Futurelearn still patchy.

Soundcloud for BETT radio

  BETT continues till the 25th. There will be other recordings, some with sound. There will be more in future editions of the Wild Show.

Also some links to IPEX, coming up at ExCel in March. This is mostly a print show but also about Cross Media. Video and sound will feature, partly through the promotional content.

There are also MOOCs from Futurelearn on Critical Listening and Climate Change. more on this is a future post.