Climate Change , TEDx Exeter, MOOC continued on Wild Show

Through the previous few posts I realise this is new stage in blogging around a weekly radio show. Not sure how it will work out, especially as I will be away next week and am not sure if Chris will be back. I know he wants to do a broadcast from a cafe. So the news from BETT may have to wait a week or so anyway. not that this matters much, clips on YouTube seem to take at least a month before they are noticed.

Sometime soon we will get to the Futurelearn MOOC based in Exeter, about Climate Change. This may relate to the TEDx at the end of March. Ecology has been a theme of the previous ones. Story so far via YouTube

Follow up question that may be discussed sometime, what will the university space be like if there is more in a MOOCish style and ecological pressure on buildings? So far Exeter is still investing in architecture, some of it as icons. The city centre is increasingly a focus for student accommodation.  Will it all be needed? Is the city about much else?

Meanwhile there is still uncertainty about the bookshop. Sorry, going off topic.