Blackwells on Exeter Campus into Feb, Futurelearn

 Visit to Blackwells on Exeter campus today. Still there and likely to be there in February. Last year it was possible the shop would close at the end of this month. See previous posts for how the bookshop was demolished for the new Forum to be possible. Somehow a bookshop was not thought to be part of the new retail space design. Now of course this blog is about new technology but there is a time range in the scope that is not at all clear and some sort of bookshop could continue for many years to come without blocking other aspects of the blend. From what I hear Blackwells are prepared to continue a bookshop and consider it viable. There is now a stock of Nooks , one with a dedicated e-reader screen and the other suitable for video. However it is more or less hidden away at attic level in what was Devonshire House, not that easy to find from the Forum. (By the way, the coffee at ground level is reasonably priced and there is often seating available)

When the Forum first opened the bookshop existed for weeks at a time in various places. What would be wrong with a permanent location? The closure date is not yet clear as far as I know but why not open in April and May? There might be some interest from outside the university if the bookshop was stable and better known.

Meanwhile in Southampton there is discussion on the future of the campus. They seem to be thinking about a continuing campus for face to face meetings but also possibly having lectures online. Less space for lecture halls and a different sort of library. This is more substantial as change. Just not having a bookshop is design as a surface.


Don Nutbeam







A while ago there was comment in Exepose in support of a bookshop. This seemed to drop away, possibly because of a change in editors. There will be another issue on Tuesday week. I will check for any definite news on how long the current bookshop will survive. Maybe there will be editorial on whether a bookshop should be supported. 

Next week the Exeter / Futurelearn course on Climate Change will be starting. I don't know what else is happening in Exeter. Futurelearn still seems to be on the edge of what a UK university is working on. New buildings are still the priority.

I will be talking about some of this during the Wild Show on Phonic FM most Thursday mornings. It is mostly music but there is some space for chat. Also mp3 from other sources is welcome.