#Deming20 and IPEX Japan in East London

 It happens that there will be a meeting in London about Edwards Deming during IPEX in late March. More details later. I am thinking of going to this but keeping in touch with IPEX through checking the odd tweet during the day.

If the guess in previous post about how IPEX may turn out is more or less valid, one question is why the companies from Japan stay on the same project for longer than some others. Maybe companies from the USA would be right to move out of print if that is what they are doing. Maybe the Japanese companies are run by engineering rather than finance and this will ruin them. Maybe a stand at IPEX is a waste of money anyway and they should all concentrate on better tweeting.

#Deming20 had limited use as a tag for discussing Deming 20 years after his death. My take is that his chronology is quite complex. I don't think his views stayed exactly the same during his life. There was more he learnt in Japan than is often recognised. More on this later, this post is just to make a connection.