The Answer in Exeter, three videos on YouTube

The Answer performed at the Phoenix in Exeter on Wednesday. I did a video of an intgerview with andy Brock from the Eurometal Express show on Phonic FM. We broadcast it on Thursday morning on the Wild Show. I don't listen to a lot of metal but am open to persuasion. I do know that the Eurometal Express show has an international online audience. The Wild Show I think is mostly for local FM, about as far as the aerial can reach from the roof of the Phoenix. 

Notes so far. I did ask if it was ok to record the performance. Andy has suggested not uploading all of it. Takes a long time to render anyway. Will wait on feedback before uploading another one. YouTube robots recognised Nowhere Freeway as EMI Publishing but not Spectacular. I have acknowledged the EMI copyright so they will get the advertising income which could be massive. Both songs are already on TheAnswerVEVO channel. Worth adding the Exeter variation though and should link back to the interview. The sofa is just outside the office for the digital media bit at the back of the Phoenix. Usually fairly quiet.