Google Hangouts as interview, the next phase #mtw3

I'm now back in Exeter after holiday near Ambleside. It worked ok to leave an mp3 for the Wild Show, Phonic FM Thursday 10 -12, and also to upload a short comment to YouTube. They managed to play it ok as part of the show last week. So the next phase could be with a better idea on how to work with Google hangouts or similar setups. Radio can become a selection from what is found online as social media. The production quality is getting closer. I think the sound from YouTube was fixed just a little and there is some rain in the background. But the possible is getting closer.

See previous posts for how to select Creative Commons in YouTube. The the remix button comes up so the only issue is how to edit online. You need to work with quite a small space but a lot is possible. Certainly clipping an extract. So far I have taken this bit and others from an OLDS MOOC hangout.

There may be some selections from the Community Journalism course. They are one of several Futurelearn courses that make use of Google hangouts. I'm not sure when this crosses over to general social media. Do you have to sign up for a MOOC if you just happen to come across something on Youtube? You can add comments anyway. And if it is Creative Commons then you can take an extract for your own video. So far not many examples though.

While near the Lakes I met again with John Burgoyne. Last year I recorded a talk in a boatshed on Lake Windemere. It took a while to render and upload so has only been available this year. Some of the ideas relate to the opening keynote for the first Management at Work conference. Possibly there could be a form of conference based on various selections and added links. I will be trying this out with the aspects that mostly interest me. Any links to something similar that is actually working would be most welcome.

By the way, there are developments with phone cameras that are just about on the same topic. The recent Samsung and Sony phones can record in 4k definition but apparently you can't see the difference on the phone screen. You may need to buy a new television. And one reviewer found that you could save about three minutes in a gig of space. So probably the options just going out of date may be enough for an interview. I have been using a Kodak Zi8 and moving the card somewhere to upload. This has worked ok so far but the phone option is interesting.