draft notes for six months or so

I am still at a few steps away from the here and now, maybe just imagining a future. At least this a form of observation, building up background for events that may turn up. I still think the newspaper world is on borrowed time. There is a lot to adjust to. Radio and sound seem to be moving more like in real time. But I am losing contact with quite a range of people so will go back to txt some of the time.

ISO 9000 will be revised next year. I don't think it will help much to cope with the disruption. This may be so for most quality approaches also. It seems that completely new operations replace the previous ones much more often than any sort of transformation. i think "quality theory" should be an explanation of this sort of thing, not just a method for practice. This might make more sense for academics to engage.

For the rest of this year there are no longer the trade fairs I used to relate to in blogs etc. There is no Cross Media, no Information Online. The next actual events will be BETT and Learning Technologies. I can still speculate online about Cross Media. Try to follow the links with print.

I think there is a lot going on outside the UK that is not much reported here. More interest in technology and quality, also how this relates to learning. BETT may be an occasion when this is better recognised. Last year there was nothing obvious about the MOOC. The OU had nothing about Futurelearn on their stand. I will try to engage online as soon as it seems possible.

I will try to connect Plan-Do-Check / Study- Act with Design Science as well as quality. I find design makes some sense for people working on radio. ISO 9000 seems to require quite a formal presentation so I'm not sure how to mix this with social media. Maybe this could be tried next year when more is known about the new standards.