draft pulse post, Return of the Learning Company

There is a surprise , at least for me, in starting to check out the papers or books that are available online from the first two conferences - Management Theory at Work. I have found some papers from the second and am half way through the schedule for the first one. Mostly there is something related online, some free some hardback only. What I was not expecting was the new work on the Learning Organisation from Anders Ortenblad.

As memory serves the discussion around his paper "How come the idea of a Learning Organization became so popular?" was along the lines of explaining the ideas as rhetoric likely to appeal to working managers but a bit vague when analysed by academics. It seemed to be all over for such studies. The closing keynote on relevance sealed the lid and the second conference was a relaunch around leadership. Just shorthand for my memory, this is just a blog. Other descriptions very welcome. Maybe there are links to other versions.

But there is much recent work when I do a search. 


For an intro, this blog


Then there is a hardback book, so expensive you probably need a university library but there is one chapter of introduction that can be downloaded for free. There are contributions from John Burgoyne and others. It is aimed at researchers but may interest managers as well. It shows that there is continuing interest so potential in continuing #mtw3.

Then there is a journal article that connects with universities

Author(s):Anders Örtenblad (University of Nordland, Bodø, Norway)
Riina Koris (Department of Marketing, Estonian Business School, Tallinn, Estonia)

Anders Örtenblad Riina Koris , (2014) "Is the learning organization idea relevant to higher educational institutions? A literature review and a “multi-stakeholder contingency approach”", International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 28 Iss: 2, pp.173 - 214

I don't know what this covers but at least it suggests that universities are organisations and can change. Maybe there is a blog with the main points.

So this is looking good for working out some continuity from when the first two conferences ended. Involvement with practice still a possibility.  #mtw3 now exchanges tweets with Elgar Business so there can be query about a cheapish paperback.

More next week as a Pulse post for LinkedIn. Meanwhile copy and paste version of links as a Google doc-