2011 year of the e-book says Bloomsbury

As reported in the Bookseller , Nigel Newton - Chief Executive of Bloomsbury - has stated "With sales of digital devices such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad growing rapidly, 2011 will clearly be the year of the e-book."


Today I saw a large stock of Kindles in Exeter Tesco. This is reaching a wide audience.

Meanwhile I am not sure what Haymarket / Printweek are doing. They seem to be moving online but the content is still very strong on print culture. The Guardian used to be a source of information on new media but since they deleted Guardian Talk without warning or explanation it seems they may be going back in time and away from the transparency and mutualism associated with the web. So they may or may not make a transition as a news organisation.

Bloomsbury seems to be the leading example of a clear policy. They don't expect print to vanish, but digital sales are viable, could be 10 or 20% by the end of the year. This would have an influence on newspapers and business to business magazines. The statement by Nigel Newton is an event, stretching towards Xmas as it is validated.