3D as in Twinity, Neoreplicants, Google Goggles etc. #mtw3

Yesterday evening I went to a talk about the NewReplicants show at the Phoenix in Exeter. It turns out 3D printing is still quite expensive so casting may still be a viable option for sculpture. But the "replicants" theme is still there in theory. As digital content it is easy enough for these forms to spread. How is this compared with classic gallery objects? There was mention of a limited edition of sunglasses but no art yet where the digital original has been destroyed after a limited edition. Maybe this has happened somewhere else.

I am not sure how it works but I think a 3D object can be represented in various ways. Twinity is still not being promoted as much as I would expect. I think it may be dormant. But Exit Reality has bought it and must intend to do something. They have started a search engine which seems to find a lot of 3D websites and then displays them I tried a search on "sculpture" and my colleague Web Kirby investigated a couple of sites. See attached still photos.

Maybe Exit Reality has a general purpose world that can accept any model. Not sure.

They do have a calmer website for Learning

This has other offers as well as 3D. Maybe this has some stable income. 3D is still a bit expensive to develop I guess while there are still bandwidth limitations.

Conferences such a #mtw3 might work better through Learnbrite. I think there is a fairly small number of people interested in virtual worlds at the moment. Stills from Twinity are ok as most people can view them.

There are some Goggles in the Phoenix show. It reminded me of the Google Goggles idea. I think this is still a project but the aim is similar to Aurasma and similar ways of combining images with real situations. Augmented reality is the general term I think.

Web Kirby still talks about opening a gallery in Twinity, on a beach called Beach for You. I am not sure how hard it is to move models into a suitable format. I do know there is a shop and a currency so it could be an option.