After BETT 2013 will UK universities have a good look at MOOC etc ?

I am still thinking about BETT and going through my bits of paper, links to follow up and soforth.

It is a puzzle why there is so little reporting on Vince Cable. There was nothing on BETT in the Guardian Education yesterday. The Education part of UK government was not there so there were no press releases I guess. The BIS website is now part of .GOV and I can't see any text of Vince Cable's speech.

It is the computer trade press that shows some interest. Cable mentions the MOOC and welcomes technology as a way to scale.

What there is in the print Guardian is another piece about the finances of UK universities.

see previously

Peter Scott makes no mention of the internet or online courses. The global competition could be more relevant as the software for collaboration improves.

I may be getting a partial view through the print Guardian but I think there are possibly two views here, (BIS and BETT with the technology) and (education theory and UK universities) much as they always have been.

Of course I don't welcome the prospect of universities closing down. But I think the issues around BETT should be reported and considered.