Analog 2 Digital as a case study in Phonic / Phoenix broadcasting #wheelywild

I nearly put Networking in the subject but this needs to work as a tweet, not sure of the wordcount.

Also broadcasting is the thing. Networking is all about cables and the chance of actual cable around the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter as probably passed. The walls are too thick, the design too ancient, the distances too great between the performance spaces, the video edit digital resources at the back, and the sound recording and radio studios in the basement. Somewhere in between are the  galleries and bar / cafe that can also be used  for conversation.

Last week on the Wheely Wild Show there was a broadcast from an mp3 attached to email (Gaia by Hum) not that unusual but it suggested other possibilities in later talk over coffee. Could there be a Skype connection round the building given that wifi seems to work ok? Skype video is not up to broadcast quality but helps towards better talk.

Analog 2 Digital is on Saturday week and fills most of the ground floor. I am not sure who is in the Phonic studio but it is always possible to send an email to studio at And a podcast can always be edited later if nothing much happens on the actual day.

Video shows previous web connection in Phoenix bar, actually from the basement. The VJ aspect of Animated Exeter could be shifted in space and time. Links welcome around this sort of topic, we need examples of video from actual VJ events.

Topics at Wheely Wild show include ways that broadcasting technology can be available to people of various abilities. There will be more detail on this later. Access to the basement is possible in a wheelchair but not that easy. So if sound access can be extended to  more of the building it would help. But what other bits of kit are available?

Phonic often broadcasts sounds recorded at live events. But sometimes the sound quality is not good enough for broadcast.  Some tips and tricks would be welcome. Obviously Analog2Digital has a base in a pro studio but my opinion is that social media should be encouraged. There will always be a role for professional editing to sort out the mishaps later. So why not offer some help to start with? Conversation to be continued in Phoenix bar / Phonic studio.