canal 2012 blog updated - BBC is on the case

The canal2012 blog is updated with a link to the Flickr photos, see previous post. This cross linking is to cope with the change to this Posterous blog. After almost a year I think it is working as a way to integrate various blogs but it sometimes helps if I keep the other ones updated also.

Meanwhile BBC 4 is broadcasting Julia Bradbury with four canal walks.

Two to go, previous ones still on iPlayer. I think social media can add to this with a bit more detail and some other opinions. She is much stronger on industrial history than current uses, cultural enterprise linking to the canal as urban space. The one on Monday from Birmingham to Worcester was not very clear on how to get from one end of the tunnel to the other. This could be done as a map or an aerial shot. There is a photo of Julia in Regent's Park in the Radio Times but this may be because this is close to the BBC. Not sure where the fourth will be.

Will there be another series? Will it include the route to the Olympics? Could we get a research fee? To be continued.