Clip from Wild Show on YouTube, Design!? and questions for Bobby Womack

I have loaded a clip from last week's show

It starts with chat about interruptions and humour. I am interested in how much we can cross over with academic topics.

Based on the 28th Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies. Papers include-  

Constant Connectivity: Rethinking Interruptions at Work 
By J. Wajcman and E. Rose

The Dialectical Sense of Humour: Routine Joking in a Taylorized Factory 
By M. Korczynski 

I will get the links on to YouTube later.

About 4 minutes in there is talk about Bobby Womack and whether we can re broadcast an interview with Front Row on the BBC. JD suggests I edit it as if I am asking the questions but I think this is a bit out of order. Maybe he will send us an mp3 to explain his state of health and real plans to tour.

Future shows will include tracks around Soul Sessions Vol 2 from Joss Stone and start with this as a way to play other tracks.