Cloud for debate at Learning Technologies / Dark Side Critique in new book #winterlude3

Twitter finds a session tomorrow at Learning Technologies about the Cloud. So if I can't get in to the Cloud Expo or can't understand what I find there then at least Olympia 2 will offer some explanation of how this night support learning/

There is a critique of the cloud coming in book form this April, publication on the 27th..

There is a free PDF introducing this from the "Student As Producer" website at Lincoln.

I was at the Experimentality conference and the session that included the Cloud. My own presentation was about Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act so was at the practice end of most discussions. Dean Lockwood quotes from the description of what the Experimentality conference was about- 

The idea of experimentation was at the heart of modernity’s promise of human freedom and self-determination. But is the experiment now too complicit with power to act as a carrier of hope?

In many ways it seems to me that the Institute for Advanced Studies continued some of the themes from the first Management at Work Conference. Start with any aspect of modernity and then tend towards theory or critique. Practice has to struggle to survive in this sort of situation.  Conferences about the knowledge economy and  protection science followed the same pattern. The dark side of modernity interests academics and has to be a part of conferences. But I think it is possible that modernity has some benefits worth considering.

Comment welcome. Not much Twitter from me tomorrow but more later.