#cqimoso Digital Aesthetics move along Plan - Do - Study - Act #therecipeexchange

I am still thinking about the idea of "Sense - Think - Act" as presented at the Spacex meeting on digital aesthetics. I am still not sure how this is aesthetics. Maybe there is a model or pattern in the mind that just seems right. Usually i find that Plan - Do -Check/Study - Act makes most sense. But you have to think about it. The action or doing is in two places or phases. Is it the designer or the machine that has this momentum built in?

Anyway, there is still a loop. The "sense" can just start again. The same events could be described with either model.

The idea of prototypes was much discussed. apparently the Arduino is rarely replaced with dedicated hardware. The idea that it can be frequently changed just takes hold.

So the Recipe Exchange needs to consider changes in recipes over time. This is not yet obvious on the website. Maybe the word "procedure" would help. I am trying to relate things to quality idea.

Meanwhile on YouTube #cqimoso is working well as a search tag. I started some clips during last year and there is now an excellent animated slide show as well as an intro on the official CQI channel. Numbers show there is some interest. So this is a reasonable start in using YouTube as a base for more social media interest..