Craig Charles and the rights on tree photos ; Jaime Leigh and BBC Radio Devon

A bit late I have sent in a Xmas tree photo to Craig Charles who has been working solidly through the holiday. When away from Exeter and Phonic, Radio 2 can be ok. When stuck on the M6 for example. But I only got round to sorting on the photo when I got back.

What I wonder about is the rights aspect once these photos are loaded onto the Radio 2 website. Presumably the BBC have some rights but there is nothing stated about this. Can i use other photos from the site in my own mashup for next year? Jaime Leigh recorded some seasonal music for BBC Radio Devon and I was going to suggest to people at Phonic that they played some as well. Another thing i never got round to but I may investigate for another time. If the BBC want us to send in photos they can use, why not offer BBC recordings for other programmes?

BBC Radio Devon do excellent sound recordings, a big help when casual video has not got the sound quite right. For example, Jaime Leigh has a gig this evening, new year's eve at The Dartmoor Halfway Inn, Newton Abbot starting at 9PM.

What if Radio Devon got the sound and left a selection online for a week or so? various bits of camera could be edited later. Assuming Jaime was asked first obviously.

2011 could be the time that things like this are sorted out. Not sure how it works but the technology is possible.