Creative Commons approach to election results from Exeter City Council

Back in Exeter in time to vote yesterday. Found the Heavitree result online about half an hour ago. This Is Exeter had nothing obvious about the election. BBC Radio Devon had a story about Exeter and then a link to Exeter City Council where there are detailed results.

 Although I have had a problem with Exeter City Council around YouTube ( they don't support Flash so nobody knows what you are talking about) Greg Sheldon has allowed recording on a couple of occasions. So the video possibilities may be explored in the future.

There is a Creative Commons licence for the info on the results. So the web design people are aware of some concerns. This support for open data could be developed without any major budget. There is something happening at Spacex around open data but I don't yet understand how it fits with a gallery.

I think the print news will arrive on Saturday. It has to travel the M4 and M5 so takes a while.

Still can't find many links to debate on local media during this election.