Creative Commons, how will it work with Animated Exeter for example?

This post is to explore what can be done working with Creative Commons. There are a few situations where I am trying to connect with more content but the main event will be the Forkbeard Fantasy projection. Last year it bacame very clear that Isca Obscura was on a Creative Commons licence. So it could be photographed and videos posted online etc. Also there was an official video on YouTube with a Creative Commons licence so the excelent sound recording could be used again. I also got interviews which were posted on YouTube. I hope the same will be possible this year.

But there is a mixed trend on web access. I am still trying to get a sound sample of Ghostwriter foir RAMM. I might put this in a YouTube clip or play it during the Wild Show on Phonic FM. But there is still what I take to be a view that art content should stay in the gallery under firm control. The themes of content may be sharing in a web meme of mutualised creativity but I'm not sure the approach to journalism has caught up with this. Social media as including everybody as journalist.

Meanwhile I am continuing to blog about a New Canvas or Visual Music or however digital animation is described when linked to a music soundtrack. I no longer try to arrange a talk during Animated Exeter because the costs of renting work to display are not easy to fit with probable ticket sales and a free event is easier to promote. But there is now quite a lot of stuff online. So this may work out just as well. If you are in Exeter next week and would like to meet please add a comment.

By the way, I won't post much all that quickly. I still have to edit stuff from long ago.