creative commons , not sure where the location is

Still thinking about the talk on Manchester data from Saturday.

We seem to get a flow of claims about specific places in Spacex, but the theme is probably about something in no specific place. Open source and creative commons have both been going for a while.

Found this looking for what is meant by public space when mentioning Deleuze

Makes some sense could be a clue. Architecture as symbol rings a bell re Lancaster and Exeter campus building projects. Not sure of the function, especially a campus rebuild that happens to demolish the bookshop.

I am beginning to think of just the screen in front of me with most places having a virtual equivalent of various kinds.

The academics and the galleries are working together around social media but i am not sure it has all been considered. The way that media are expected to work is still much the same as for some unique artifact usually stored securely out of access.

What to think about Web 2 etc? Critique mode has been the default but if there is some potential there needs to be engagement. Facebook has been compared to Tesco as a route to closed data. But for example the Spacex Facebook page could be a site for conversation not just broadcast.