#crossmedialive postponed to 2012 - source LinkedIn Ipex World

There is new info from Nick Craig Waller on the IPEX World group on LinkedIn.

He explains that the event has been moved into 2012 but will still be in London. The description is similar to what I would expect in the report in Print and Paper Monthly.

It is very disappointing that there will be such a delay. Comment can be linked to this event about the role of print in communication. The London college of communication was invited to the Digital Print World and Total Print Expo events so presumably will connect with Cross Media Live. They could make sense of the various words, "design" and "media" for example. Words like "print", "paper" ans "publishing" are still in there somehow.

I need to put a date on this event so it can feature in a timeline / story. Maybe the May editorial in Print and Paper Monthly. Maybe a conversation on the way back to London from digi:media in April.

The next digi:media is not till 2013 so the ideas could be part of the scope for drupa.

Meanwhile the IPEX World group on LinkedIn is working fine for me. You can ask a question and youdo get an answer. What more could a blog need?