Dec 6th another walk on the edge of Twinity #mosocoop #mtw3

Still thinking about Dec 6th and Deming meeting.

When I think about virtual worlds I often realise there is something repeated. Maybe this is not unusual, but the evidence accumulates.

The Work Foundation is still the venue for #mtw3 , even if Twinity Berlin is used as a location for online stills. So the walk from around the time of Deming Secrets could still work.

Very general,

Assume a space with an HR Building and a QA Building, both some way apart. Groups form and talk at each and closer to one or the other.



deming secrets

london walk

So during December I will try some more Photoshop and story boarding. There may be aqctual video to refer to, but the avatars can  represent something with some sort of basis.

Probably I will be back to Exeter on a coach from Victoria so the "HR Building" will turn out to be the Wetherspoons on the other side of the station.