Design for the Design Science DJ

This may make more sense in a couple of weeks time. Thursday week, 10 to 10.30 on Phonic FM there will be some music but I hope also to continue conversation with JD about Design, Science, and how to DJ. He has been studying a link I sent to a blog about the Science DJ.

The source clips are a short intro and then a 20 minute edit on YouTube

So we need to work out how far we agree with the claims on what a DJ is doing and then I would like to look at Design Science. The #mtw3 conference may be able to link leadership and teaching by considering both as examples of design science. But "design" is understood in various ways. Through Critical Management I have found a recent talk by Gibson Burrell

There is also a page on research methods at Sheffield with an earlier version of this talk.

(By the way, why not edit in the graphics to break up the talk and make it easier to follow? One fixed camera at a distance from the screen is not the only option)

So in theory even within 30 minutes we could either rephrase or find sound examples to start on Design Science ( not knowing much or anything at all is an established mode for radio presentation)

Tel studio: 01392 434577 
Email Studio:

So please get in touch during the show. An mp3 in advance would be best, or txt on Facebook. Search on "Wild Show" 

This week we made a start. We may get some more time during the next hour and a half, it depends how many gaps Chris needs to sort out the music. I like the idea of the studio as a 3 dimensional box diagram but this may take several shows to develop.