Diagram from Gráinne Conole , timeline basis for discussion #mtw3

This diagram comes from slides for Teaching as design science: innovations with pedagogies and technologies, presented at the 7th Annual EDEN Research Workshop, Leuven.

<div style="margin-bottom:5px"> <strong> Conole keynote eden </strong> from <strong>Grainne Conole</strong> </div>


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Designing for Learning in an Open World 

My suggestions are about virtual worlds and video. I'm not sure how sequences work around when technology is adapted by the public, by specialists, in eduaction. Virtual worlds may have been noticed in 2005 but I think there has been a blip, maybe just in the UK. The bandwidth required is too much for what actuially exists. So I think virtual worlds have drifted away. But they may come back.

Video is not obvious as a date but YouTube is on another diagram. I think there are now ways of using video for conversation but these are not widely used. Video conferencing can be recorded. There is a remix button on YouTube but not much use of it. Soundcloud has comments at specific times within a track but this is mostly used to discuss a mix. I don't see much about a lecture or similar.

So I hope there is more comment about the diagram during next week. this has started on Facebook but could be wider.