#diana1love Soul Sessions 2, heard it still think Motown should promote Diana Ross

I may have gone a bit fanciful since I got into radio a bit more but I am still thinking that Motown or whoever is supposed to do such things should promote the Diana Ross version of One Love in My Lifetime. Last week and this I am backing up for an hour on Phonic FM while the Storyteller is at a festival. Both shows based on the CD, but last week mostly from YouiTube. We found most of the originals and One Love is the most interesting. Not promoted much so far though Joss version now on YouTube.

Teardrops is slowed right down so One Love is the most obvious dance track, I think. thing is, Diana Ross version just that bit easier to dance to, especially in remix already available.

Not sure what Motown know about this. But they should either promote it or something similar. Not that I go out dancing much now but this seems to me a possibility worth exploring.

By the way, track only on the deluxe CD, an extra couple of pounds for four tracks.