Digital Economy Act 2010 inxpress #inxpressip social media in local elections ex1to4

Still thinking about the inxpress cease and desist letter. It may not be so much of a threat but how is such a thing possible? I have had an email response from Ben Bradshaw, my local MP, and I think he might at least consider implications for future legislation it it turns out that a court would support a change in the domain name ownership. But I still remember the debate around the Digital Economy Act towards the end of the Labour Government.

You can see from the Wikipedia that it was almost entirely about protecting the copyright of large organisations. Almost nothing came across about support for social media in the UK. The same sort of thing continues. I think Hunt is genuine about the potential for local television but then it seems to be about a national channel or protecting the regional press or ITV. Internet TV may follow some broadband boost after 2012 . Something like that. Actually there is already quite a lot of local video that can be found on various search terms. I suggest EX1to4 for most of the Exeter area.

Part of the site is for Rougemont Global Broadcasting, an experiment in local TV or actually my bit of YouTube - youtube/willpollard . My name is Will Pollard so I guess combining the words will and pollard is ok at the moment.

So far there is not much official support for such projects. Exeter City Council do not link to YouTube on their website for bandwidth reasons and Flash is not supported on council screens. So it is not easy to explain links to animation for example.

During the elections there may be more use of social media. YouTube might slip into Facebook. So acceptance for online video may change over time.

But notice we are just putting UK content into structures owned in the USA. There could be more support for local UK attempts, however small. 

I wonder if Tom Watson has any plans to visit Devon?