Direct to Video, small quibble #Cross Media2012

Cross Media Live has set up a YouTube channel and subscribed to many related sources

So the online video is well connected to the actual event.

The main question this raises is for business to business print magazines. I can't yet see through YouTube much reference to the titles and publishers that might be expected.

What They Think has done a lot with video at IPEX and drupa but they rarely use YouTube directly. It will be interesting to search on YouTube and other sites next week and see how this develops.

I'm not sure this is the style of video best suited to YouTube. Maybe this is because most of what I do is low in production values. If we are moving away from broadcast mode towards conversation then maybe video needs a rethink.

Then again I am not in lean forward mode all the time. Later in the day just watching telly an advert may need to be really high impact to make any impression. But I still don't like it.