drupa, Xerox, Espresso Book Machine, Blackwells, Exeter UK

This post is to try to connect something that might be relevant this week.

drupa continues in Dusseldorf. In Exeter things settle after the opening of the new Forum on campus. Blackwells bookshop adjusts to a desk next to the dry cleaning in the supermarket area. Also they have storage on the St Lukes campus, some distance from the main campus but quite close to Heavitree where I am writing this. So it would suit me if there was an Espresso Book Machine in the empty banking unit on St Lukes. There has been a Blackwells in the past. Or else a Print Shop with some sort of arrangement to supply short runs.

As far as I know the Espresso at Blackwell's on Charing Cross Road has now gone. (It might be half a year or more since I last looked) There were problems with spare parts and it was often out of order for several days. Then Espresso announced a deal with Xerox ( I think the original was based on Konica Minolta ) Maybe this will be more reliable.But I have not seen one in a UK bookshop.

The Forum is futuristic in format but I still think something like a bookshop can be part of a university. There may no longer be much space available at the Forum but St Lukes has an empty shop. So what is possible?

Meanwhile I can find no news online to suggest that Xerox have anything new to say about the Espresso. It seems there are many more sites at bookshops and university libraries in the USA than in Europe. This may be because few people know about it. So something at drupa might reach a librarian. You never know.

Please add a comment if anything fits with this.