eBook stats definite trend but not over enough to demolish bookshops just yet

The Bookseller has evidence of a definite trend

if digital gets towards 20% in the UK by next Christmas it will get most of the attention for promotion.

But a university without a bookshop is not obvious yet I don't think. Maybe I should think in terms of a few more years so Exeter will look more normal soon.

I have been checking out avatars from Second Life and Twinity. Previously they were mostly on Lancaster campus and Exeter High Street. Currently the cloud is such that the theory and practice of digital publishing /learning is more or less everywhere. So I can just have a look at what is local. Photos seem to still merge with the avatars as the architecture of Princesshay and the new campus Forum seems based on virtual world styles.

Tests may follow in collage form.

More considered views after tomorrow when more will be clear.