#ece11 #cms7 network learning and social media hype, questions for Naples @francesbell

Messing about with Twitter I can't find much new from #cms7 but have found more from Salford. Actually it was already there and I take a while to catch up. So probably more from Naples later.

Keynote from Alec Couros claims that there is "hype" about social media. Don't know what was actually said but is the critique / network learning role just to look on the dark side? Is implementation always to be avoided?


By the way Salford tweetpics include an actual Dalek. Media City looks like being quite different to some other university sites. I don't see how some sort of practice can be avoided in that space.

Another question is how CMS is seen in Europe now it is moving out of the UK. My impression is that quality ideas are better supported in EU funded research than most UK work so far. Is there any comment on this during #cms7 ?

Sorry if this is too short and rude. there may be a longer balanced text sometime later.

ps sorry for earlier typo on #ece11