Espresso continued, the one off book as manufacturing Inprint Live #drupa

I still can't find anything about the Espresso book machine from drupa searching. Maybe there is too much happening with larger bits of kit.

But I notice there is a new show announced for next year 

This will look at all forms of print / short run manufacture as far as I can tell. At previous drupas I have had to stay in Cologne and then commute. No bad thing but I have not had a proper look yet so this may work out later as a real show.

I have missed the last two London book Fairs but the impression I get is that short run or digital printing is still seen as a supply to the existing distribution system. So it is sent by a printer to a warehouse. The idea of a print production unit located in a bookshop is not considered much, although that is how a lot of this sort of thing started.

I am still guessing that there is no Espresso in Charing Cross Road, London UK. Maybe there is one at Blackwells Oxford. But still no news in Exeter even of a retail unit at St Lukes.

So I hope In Print Live will include the one off book. Maybe if it involved nano-technology it could be interesting. Can nano print in 3D so you get the bound volume in one hit?